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Squire Android Application

Common awareness for edge users in the field

Mobile application for Squire users at the edge to build shared situational awareness, communicate critical data, and execute tactical and command actions quickly and efficiently. Voice control allows for effortless data entry powered by a tailored speech recognition engine, augmented by additional input modes including touch and peripheral devices.

Squire Speech-to-Text and Text-to-Speech at the Edge


Squire User speaks into EUD through boom mic and cable

Squire's software converts speech to text and inputs relevant field

Squire's application sends workflow data over radio or cellular network

All Squire users receive workflow update


Squire User Receives Update

Squire converts received text from update to speech

Squire device provides speech updates to user via headset in addition to on-screen updates

Squire Messaging Framework

The data pipeline and communication layer of Squire

SMF is Squire’s core communication medium and interface for components of the Squire system, handling data transport and synchronization. SMF powers Squire’s efficient and intelligent delivery of data in online and offline situations.

Squire Cloud Platform

A centralized web platform to sync and provision accounts and data

The Squire Cloud can be remote or on-prem, providing a centralized service designed to scale with customer demands, perform archiving and auditing services, and enable data collection and analysis. Squire Cloud supports provisioning, authentication and authorization, workflow management, and reporting services.

Squire Web Application

Support multiple information streams from your desktop

Connect with Squire Cloud, Hub, and mobile edge users from any browser on any device. The Squire Web Application is based upon the same core Squire Messaging Framework as the mobile edge users and can interact with them in real-time.

Squire Hub

Offering maxium flexibility for tactical environments

The Hub brings the full power of the Squire Platform to the tactical edge with a sub-set of Squire Cloud capabilities optimized for performance when mission demands limit communication architectures.

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