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"Squire Solutions is a team of Military Special Operations and Computer Engineering experts dedicated to solving the most vexing challenges our military and first responders face in the field—today and in the future."

– Brett Whitsitt, CEO

Our Culture

We seek to maximize natural talents and abilities, treating everyone with dignity and respect so they not only succeed but flourish.

We seek a common purpose, where all team members understand how and why their unique contributions support our collective mission.

Our team seeks to empower each team member with the latitude to contribute to our overall success in their unique roles.


We place trust in our teams and in ourself, and place it behind importance of the Mission.


Our actions should be consistently reflecting a strong moral and ethical character.


We hold ourselves accountable to the highest standards of professionalism, good conduct, and exemplary behavior.


Our behavior, actions, and work products speak for themselves.

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