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Redefining Tactical Operations and Saving Lives


Expediting MEDEVAC Requests and Reducing Time to Launch from Minutes to Seconds
Squire is building the next-generation battlefield assistant that is transforming communications, improving speed, and bringing unprecedented accuracy to challenging situations in the field.
Squire's system tracks heart rates and biometrics
and shares this across the system.
Squire's MEDEVAC module displayed on desktop and phone screens showing Landing zone, Helo and hospital locations on map

Squire sends required information to launch in

Less than 1 Minute

Squire Solutions' MEDEVAC Module vs Traditional Radio-Based MEDEVAC*

With Squire’s MEDEVAC Module this process takes LESS THAN 1 MINUTE.

Squire’s MEDEVAC Module virtually eliminates missing information and human errors, meaning time to launch is reduced.

Squire’s MEDEVAC Module significantly reduces the Time to Launch, leaving far more of the Golden Hour available for medical aid.

Squire's MEDEVAC Module Connects All Points Involved in MEDEVAC Support

Squire's MEDEVAC module displayed on desktop screen showing Landing zone, Helo and hospital locations on map

Any point in the system you wish to include can be part of your MEDEVAC network.

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