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The Future of Realtime
Tactical Communication
and Collaboration

Squire drives unprecedented levels of efficiency by enabling seamless data synchronization across individuals, units, or teams.

Squire saves lives by eliminating life-threatening delays, maximizing situational awareness, crafting a rapid intelligence picture, and revolutionizing information flow during first responder and tactical operations.

Desktop computer and tablet shown with Squire application in use

Faster Action

Communicate quickly and efficiently with teammates through structured processes and messages, online and offline

Better Communication

Transmit data accurately and precisely in real-time with near-zero risk of missed communication

Accelerated Execution

Quickly and confidently digest multiple information streams to accelerate tactical execution

Squire is an enterprise-level software that empowers your system to form a network of devices.

Mobile device displaying an example of Squire Solution interface on tactical gear.

This allows units large and small to efficiently and accurately communicate during dynamic, multi-faceted situations.

Our custom tailored workflows consist of pre-formatted processes and messages with multi-modal user interfaces.

Our Goal:

To save the lives of tactical responders and civilians by providing a time-saving, seamless communication solution.

Squire saves time, minimizes confusion, and reduces cognitive load, allowing responders to focus on solving problems.

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Request a personalized demo with our expert team and discover the incredible potential that awaits your organization.

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