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Squire Solutions is a team of Military Special Operations and Computer Engineering experts dedicated to solving the most vexing challenges our military and first responders face in the field—today and in the future.


To save lives and empower first responders, service members, and civilians by revolutionizing information flow across all domains

Squire is the next generation teammate – a smart digital assistant with a multi-layered human interface that uses data bursts for communications and data synchronization, as well as proprietary voice-based technology to interactively engage with Squire and control remote systems.

The Squire System involves a communication oriented micro-applications framework that allows for rapid collaboration and coordination of complex tasks across diverse and multi-faceted stakeholder groups, disparate systems, and challenging network environments. Key objectives are to reduce radio and screen time, thus enabling operators to maintain focus on critical task execution while improving the speed and accuracy of critical communication tasks. Novel challenges abound, our first application reduces the amount of time to coordinate a medical evacuation (“MEDEVAC”) rescue operation by up to 40 minutes, ultimately revolutionizing information flow and saving lives.


Brett Whitsitt Founder/CEO

We Are a Team of Military and Tech Experts

In 2013, Brett led a diverse 158-person team in Western Afghanistan, where they faced a tremendous crisis after receiving an emergency call for help. A complex attack was underway at the U.S. Consulate, and in an instant, everything became time sensitive.

The mission was simple: secure the Consulate and safeguard all U.S. and Afghan lives. What was NOT so simple was the information management nightmare that subsequently prevented certain actions during mission-critical moments. Dedicated to preventing such challenges in the future, Squire Solutions Inc. incorporated in 2018.

Drawing from our personal experience and consummate technical expertise, we firmly believe that intelligent systems and interaction technologies have advanced such that, in any operational environment, capabilities surrounding communications and actionable information should be an advantage, not a hindrance. Squire will hyper-enable those serving on the front lines by revolutionizing information flow, increasing operational effectiveness, and ultimately saving lives.


Jay Roberts

Vice President of Operations

Mike Desmond

Vice President of Sales & Business Development

Michael Simone

Vice President of Engineering

Steven Lustig

Senior Software Engineer

James Binns

Senior Frontend Developer

Matthew McGuire

Senior Software Development Engineer in Test

Robert Mills

Senior Backend Developer

Miguel Camacho

DevSecOps Engineer

John Nystrom

Senior Backend Engineer

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